Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Dyatlov Pass Incident with Keith McCloskey

It is Winter January 1959 -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit), The Ural Mountains deep in the heart of Mother Russia, which was then the Soviet Union. It is the height of the Cold War and the threat of Nuclear Holocaust is ever present on the world's minds. There is a blizzard roaring on Mount Kholat Syakhl , Now an aside about  the Mountain. There is a local legend from the local indigenous people The Mansi, which has been handed down as a warning from generation to generation. It is perhaps chilling that the name Mount Kholat Syakhl, translates to English as the "Mountain of the Dead". As the legend goes, during a hunting excursion, 9 Mansi hunters decided it was in their best interests to make camp and stay overnight on this location due to a blizzard that came up out of nowhere. A situation that remains to today. The following day, all nine were found dead. None showed any signs of trauma. Their deaths unexplained. Consequently the mountain became regarded as cursed and the Mansi avoid it.

10 hikers make their way onto Mount Kholat Syakhl on what was supposed to be a fun filled trip. A day into the excursion, one of the members took ill and decided to return home. The remaining nine continued.
Up to 28 January 1959, everything can be independently verified about the Group's journey. Beyond that date and despite the presence of a Group diary and photographs, nothing can be verified.

When search parties found their tent, they saw that the side of the tent had been slashed and footsteps led away from it in deep snow. All of their belongings had been left, indicating a hasty escape from the tent. The first bodies were found to have died of hypothermia. The remaining bodies were found weeks later and were found to have no external marks, but internal injuries. One of the two females in the group was found to have her tongue missing. And radiation was detected on clothes.
There appeared to be no rational explanation for the circumstances of their deaths. The final report ultimately blamed the deaths on and I quote:  "An unknown compelling force which the hikers were unable to overcome".

Fast forward 57 years to again January, just last year at this very time once again, 2016 and the body of a lone 50 years old man is discovered by another group of tourists. This time it was called in via satellite phone. Now why a body left alone remains a mystery, as does it all.


Keith McCloskey Official Website

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas: Birth of Jesus and Bible Prophecy Ali Siadatan

Night Fright celebrates Christmas with Biblical scholar Ali Siadatan. Topics include: Why We Celebrate Christmas, blood lines of Mary and Joseph, why Gd chose them to parent Christ, Herod, The 3 wise men, The Magi, Persia, King Cyrus, what was the Star of Bethlehem and "UFOs Angels and Gods"


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Friday, December 23, 2016

A Coup in Camelot with Dick Russell

Dick Russell is the author of twelve books, including three on the assassination of President Kennedy & several best-sellers with Jesse Ventura. His ground breaking book "The Man Who Knew Too Much," is considered a classic in the JFK assassination literature. Dick Russell is the winner of the Chevron Conservation Award.

Dick Russell talks about his new book with Robert Kennedy Jr., his friendship with Jesse Ventura and the recent election, his best selling JFK book "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and intelligence op Richard Case Nagell, Lee Harvey Oswald's role, LBJ's mistress Madeline Brown, Lyndon Johnson, Katzenbach Memo, environmental issues, Jack Ruby's confession, Dick's role in the documentary A Coup In Camelot and more.


Dick Russell Website
A Coup in Camelot
Jesse Ventura Interview

Discussed in this episode:
The Man Who Knew Too Much
American Conspiracies

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alan Thicke, Canadian class

When I started the Brent Holland Show as a campus radio show in Sudbury circa 2009, I reached to many Canadian celebs to come on the show to inspire the youth of today as the show is syndicated through the campus radio network, I invited Margret Attwood (elitist), Mansbridge (clueless) The Dragons (gutless), a whole bunch. PM Paul Martin said yes and Alan Thicke. You see, when you do my show its because you care about the youth. Students don't have money to buy books. For my guests it is an opportunity to engage with them and inspire them through their own life experiences; trials and success.

We booked a date through email, then the day of the interview Alan emailed me with a new telephone number to call him at. So I called him early that Hollywood evening in March. Alan was at a friend's house, Turned out his friend was the producer of a new Hollywood feature film, Alan was decked out, all set to go to the premier. He could have easily canceled, but instead he showed so much class that he didn't and called me and did the interview inspiring with every word. He spoke about the responsibility of being a dad, not only on TV but real life, how proud he was of them, his efforts to raise funds through LA celeb hockey tournaments, hockey ran through his red Canadian blood and the Canadian Diabetic Foundation. You see Alan has a son who is diabetic. He also spoke glowingly about our Canadian Forces who, at that time, were heavily engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan. He chastised all those who dared to criticize the Forces, not the war, the Forces.

Alan Thicke could have refused to come on the show that evening and who could have blamed him? But he didn't. He was a down to earth guy, the guy next door: help you paint a room or mow the lawn.Have a beer and BBQ with and watch a hockey game.
I am forever grateful to him for coming on my volunteer campus show.
Alan Thicke was a true touch of authentic Canadian class.

Hear the show: get inspired!
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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Coup In Camelot with Vince Palamara and Jerry Dealey

The documentary is called "A Coup in Camelot" this award-winning documentary is on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

A Coup in Camelot is a powerful examination of compelling new research, exclusive interviews and critical analysis by the top medical, forensic and research experts in the country. Two of those experts join the program tonight. Vince Palamara is a Secret Service authority and the author of three books: Survivor's Guilt, JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda, and The Not So Secret Service. Jerry Dealey is a member of the Dealey family that Dealey Plaza was named after, and has been studying the Assassination since the event happened. Jerry remains "on the fence" about Oswald being a shooter or not."


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A Coup in Camelot